Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Honor the Fight

Honor those who have fought and won, continue to fight and those who have not survived. Spread Awareness…

I want to give a big warm virtual hug to those who are fighting and those who have survived.  This topic is a close to home for most of us because we have experienced it ourselves, or have known someone close to us that has or is going through this fight.

Skin Health for Patients and Survivors

As an esthetician, I am concerned about skin health during the treatment process, as the treatment definitely takes a toll and requires special attention.  Here is a great article I found about taking care of your skin during chemotherapy. 

My Commitment to our Community

I volunteered in a cancer center performing hand and foot massage to patients while they were undergoing chemotherapy. I performed skincare on a precious patient up until the end of her battle. This fight is very near and dear to my heart.  I just submitted my application to the organization, look good feel better to volunteer and assist these fighters in caring for their skin and feeling their very best during this intense battle.

Special Offer During the Month of October

I am offering special pricing during October in the “Take Comfort Facial” designed specifically for those who are undergoing chemotherapy.  This special pricing on pampering both skin and soul is extended to those undergoing treatment as well as survivors (bring along a caregiver for the same special pricing and customized treatment) for Half off the regular price of $70 for an hour of relaxation and skin nurturing per person.  I am excited to get this opportunity to pamper you and allow your cares to fade away for a short time.


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