Mimi is amazing. She has done wonders with my skin. I used to suffer from adult acne and literally nothing I tried worked. I became a cake face with the makeup I used. Mimi has made it to where I don’t even have to wear makeup unless a chose to. She has given me my confidence back. I’m more happier then ever and she has client for life! She’s an amazing person inside and out! I fully recommend to everyone! You won’t be disappointed.
— Jennifer | Oct. 25, 2016
Mimi is extremely nurturing. Always focused on her client and their needs. She is very current with both technique and equipment . It is a wonderful and relaxing experience that I look forward to each month and my skin looks better than ever!
— Cheryl Baker-Doty | Jul. 17, 2016
I came to Mimi to address aging and hyper pigmentation from age and sun. She was wonderful! Mimi worked within my budget to give me the best “bang for my buck”! She is caring and really listens. This was my first treatment from her and I can’t wait to continue and see the results! Thanks so much!!!!
— Rebecca | Apr. 16, 2016
Mimi is quite simply wonderful. She makes even the most intimiate bikini waxes comfortable and can talk you through anything. She listens to clients’ needs and adjusts facials and waxing accordingly. I highly recommend her services.
— Alice | Apr. 1, 2016
10 Stars for Mimi! Her facials are amazing for men and women. Her technique and up to date research enhance every service she offers. I love her Tesla knowledge about skin care. My hubby’s beard is amazing now that Mimi has fixed his trouble spots. Father’s day is coming uo and she should be part of your gift giving day. Teenagers? Perfect for Mimi! Early skin care education is just as important as learning how to drive.
— Liz Rosenbaum | May 15, 2016
I have been coming to Mimi for a few times now and have honestly enjoyed the results! The facials and peels have been awesome. My skin feels more supple and can’t wait to see more positive results in the future. She cares about you and listens to your needs. Mimi can’t be beat!!! Always a pleasure to see Mimi
— Mary Ann | February 1, 2017
I am so happy with my skin since I have been going to Mimi-the other places have gone charge you so much and either they aren’t doing it right or they are just stringing you along getting you to buy products that don’t do anything for you! My skin looks awake not all dull and old. I noticed a huge change in my skin as soon as I started going to her. She had helped my daughter with her acne. Since my daughter has been going to her she has not had to go to the dermatologist and has stopped taking the prescriptions for acne–she doesn’t need them! I will keep going to see mimi–it’s my happy relaxing time!
— Sharon | Oct. 25, 2016
I have been dealing with acne for 15 years, since high school. I’ve tried all kinds of different facial products to relieve my symptoms with little lasting results. And since seeing Mimi on a regular basis for several months now, I have not only thoroughly enjoyed the facials and how amazing my skin feels after but I have been seeing very noticeable results and relief from outbreaks. She took the time to ask the right questions about my habits and educating me on my skin. I’m so grateful to have her caring for my skin, I feel like she genuinely cares about me and my skin goals. It’s always a joy to see Mimi, she knows her stuff! Thank you, Mimi!
— Nicole Jenné | Jul. 17, 2016
For my first facial with Mimi, she took the time to get to know my skin. She asked about my skin concerns, how my skin responds to products, and discussed the details with me throughout the facial about each step of the process and the benefits. A neck and shoulder massage was incorporated into the facial, and she sent me home in layers of moisturizing skincare products. It was awesome!
— Jayna Armstrong | Nov. 12, 2015
I received a “free facial” card for a facial with Mimi, from a friend. I have been a hairdresser for 20+ years & am a bit of an addict when it comes to facials & all things beauty related. I have had sooo many facials over the years. Let me just say Mimi blew me away. Her room is so relaxing & don’t even get me started on the facial. She is AMAZING!!!
— Joanne S. | Feb. 11, 2016

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